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About Us

Providing real-world answers to real-world investment questions

The superior guidance you need

Seeking out and engaging a trusted advisor who can judiciously navigate turbulent economic currents is critical to your long-term investment success. When you engage Osaka Corp, you can count on superior-quality investment and financial planning advice from professional practitioners committed to helping you achieve your objectives.

Independent from institution, dedicated to client needs

Osaka Corp is an independent, investment and financial planning specialist dedicated to bringing its clients bespoke, fit-for-purpose financial solutions. At Osaka Corp we place the welfare of our clients and their families above all else and, as a result, they consider us to be among their most trusted advisors.

At Osaka Corp, the phrase "exceeding client expectations" is much more than a mere strapline to be used on glossy corporate literature or as a sound bite at our board meetings; to us, it is at the heart of the service we provide, the manner in which we provide it and, of course, the returns on investment our clients enjoy.

Removing then lines of complexity

Our practice revolves around the utilization of a collaborative approach to investment and financial planning, which leverages and enhances the team's strengths whilst simultaneously providing our clients with an unparalleled standard of service and support. Our collective background in investment and wealth management, retirement planning and estate preparation is targeted to provide creative solutions that deliver results in an increasingly complex marketplace.