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Alternative Investment

Outside-the-box potential can be found in alternative investing

What is alternative investment?

In addition to the traditional investment assets and products like equities, bonds and mutual funds/ETFs, Osaka Corp is able to provide more sophisticated clients with access to a number of alternative investments. These generally tend to attract a greater degree of risk but also have the potential to deliver scintillating returns. Alternative investments can include private equity, hedge funds and financial derivatives.

Private Equity

Private Equity refers to an asset class that centers on the equity ownership in operational businesses that, as yet, are not traded on a public stock exchange. A typical scenario is one in which a consortium of investors purchases a controlling stake in an existing, trading company with a view to effecting changes either in management, processes, systems etc. and then, eventually, laying the foundations for the revitalized company's shares to be publicly traded on a stock exchange by way of an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Osaka Corp is well-connected within the private equity industry and can introduce clients to potentially lucrative propositions.

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are essentially private, typically aggressively managed funds that invest in a variety of markets, assets and instruments. These funds seek to realize a profit on investment irrespective of whether markets rise or fall by using various strategies including short-selling where bets are made that the value of an asset will fall. The potential for high returns is tempered by the increased investment risk and Osaka Corp will usually only recommend them to financially-sophisticated clients. Even then, we typically advise that no more than 10% of total capital be committed to these investments.