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Estate Preparation

Ensure your loved ones are taken care of after you pass on

Osaka Corp's background in taxation planning means that it is able to bring a unique perspective to the important matter of estate preparation. So what exactly is estate preparation? In layman's terms, estate preparation is concerned with the preparation of one's finances for onward transmission of wealth or power of attorney over said wealth to another person or group of persons upon either your death or in the event that you become unable to make your own financial decisions. It makes sure that your property, assets and the authority over them goes to the people and organizations you select.

Respecting your personal wishes

A key aim of estate preparation is ensuring that your personal wishes are respected. For example, if you die intestate – without preparing a will – a situation may arise whereby several members of your surviving family may lay claim to your estate, irrespective of your relationship with them. A will crafted as part of an estate preparation procedure can dramatically shorten the time your estate languishes in probate, meaning that those you wish to benefit can access your estate more quickly.

Protecting your estate from tax levies

In the majority of instances, laws in many jurisdictions prevent the government from levying taxes on estate sizes below a certain value. Nevertheless, beneficiaries from your estate still need to settle any tax liabilities you owe at the time of your death. Diligent estate preparation can set help to set aside funds to cover these liabilities, thereby sparing your heirs the stress of having to deal with the tax authorities. Osaka Corp's professionals can devise the most efficient and far-reaching estate preparation strategy and our legal specialists can accommodate even the most complex of requirements and wishes.