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Foreign Exchange

The world's most liquid market

The foreign exchange or "forex" markets represent the world's largest and most liquid with volumes of close to $4 trillion a day. The market revolves around the simple requirement or desire to hold one currency in favor of another and consists of several types of participants including global commercial and investment banks, institutional investors, corporations, currency speculators and retail investors.

Notwithstanding the occasional interventionist policies of global central banks that seek to control money supply within their own countries by using reserves of foreign currencies to buy their own, the market represents the purest example of free market capitalism in which the market itself sets prices.

How you can profit from "forex"

Dependent upon individual risk profiles, Osaka Corp is able to provide its clients with both direct and indirect access to this exciting marketplace through the use of currency arbitrage and exchange-traded funds. With analysts and researchers drawn from some of the world's most venerable financial institutions, we are able to provide meaningful, real world expertise that can help to dramatically increase the value of a portfolio with minimal risk.

We can use a small portion of client capital to trade these markets with or, alternatively, for those with a lower tolerance for risk, can use exchange-traded funds for their longer-term outlook.