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How you can access our expertise

Discretionary Management

Many of Osaka Corp's clients simply do not have the time, inclination or expertise to invest and manage their own investment portfolios successfully. Our Discretionary Management service enables you to delegate control over the day-to-day management of your investment portfolio to a Personal Investment Manager (PIM) who will diligently monitor your holdings and make prudent investment decisions on your behalf. In order to match your portfolio to your personal objectives and risk attitude, your personal investment manager will consider all asset classes.

Your Personal Investment Manager will consult with you at the outset to establish investment boundaries as well as an accurate measure of your requirements and objectives. Naturally, you will be kept fully apprised on the growth of your investments on a regular basis and receive scheduled portfolio reviews and valuations.

Non-discretionary Management

Osaka Corp's non-discretionary service revolves around your Personal Investment Manager seeking your approval before implementing investment decisions. The PIM will monitor your portfolio to ensure it remains within the parameters established during our initial appraisal and at any subsequent reviews but any proposed changes will require your prior approval. In order to help facilitate your decisions, you will be provided with access to Osaka Corp's in-house research reports and market information.

Regular portfolio reviews and valuations are provided as with our discretionary investment management service.

Global Equities

We provide our clients with exposure to a globally diversified range of equity investment opportunities. Portfolios are balanced through means of an equity allocation model that is guided by the investment profile of each client.

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Foreign Exchange

Capitalizing on the frequent movements of the global currency markets, we provide our clients with both direct and indirect access to this exciting marketplace through the use of currency arbitrage and exchange-traded funds.

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Commodities can be bought and sold on dedicated exchanges and investors can gain exposure by investing in futures contracts and in exchange-traded funds that offer the added benefit of not having to take physical delivery of the commodity.

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Alternative Investment

In addition to the traditional investment assets and products like equities, bonds and mutual funds/ETFs, Osaka Corp is able to provide more sophisticated clients with access to a number of alternative investments.

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