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Retirement Planning

Retiring and staying retired

Whether you're approaching retirement age or it remains many years away, Osaka Corp can help you clarify where you stand financially and from there construct a strategy aimed at ensuring you can comfortably retire and, most importantly, STAY retired. After all, there is little that could be more galling than settling back to retire comfortably only to discover shortly afterwards that your finances won't allow you to.

Providing comprehensive retirement solutions

It is essential that as much information about your individual objectives and your personal situation is gathered in order to arrive at the optimal approach to achieving your retirement goals. At Osaka Corp, our consultants can evaluate any existing investment portfolio or pension arrangements, scrutinize your income replacement requirements during retirement, determine the best distribution strategies and furnish you with a complete retirement solution that fits your individual situation.

Fully-funded "golden years"

A wide and varied number of options are available when it comes to retirement planning and, of course, our professionals can develop a comprehensive retirement plan that ensures that, regardless of what you elect to do during your "golden years", money - or the lack of - it won't be an impediment. Depending upon your attitude to investment risk, we can arrange for income to be derived from traditionally safe assets like fixed income and annuities or from securities that pay a higher yield like corporate bonds or dividends from blue chip stocks.